Sobre o Autor

Com 40 anos de experiência, iniciou profissionalmente em 1975, como supervisor de instalações elétricas em obras prediais e residenciais (empresa brasileira); atuou em marketing, vendas e administração de contratos para proteção de equipamentos de Alta Tensão (multinacional), atuou em marketing e vendas de equipamentos de Alta Tensão tendo como cliente as concessionárias de energia (multinacional); atuou no comércio de serviços (proprietário), atuou como lojista (proprietário), atuou com serviços de fretes rodoviários (proprietário), atua mercado imobiliário para loteamentos residenciais & empresariais (proprietário) e atua em “startups” (proprietário).

Formou-se em engenharia elétrica modalidade eletrotécnica pela FAAP em 1979, CEAG – FGV (não conluído) em 1984, possui MBA em “negócios pela internet” pela FGV em 2000, e MBA em “energia” pela FGV em 2002, e dezenas de outros cursos de extensão no Brasil e no exterior.


Consultoria em Negócios p/ Pequenas e Médias Empresas
Análise Estratégica

About the Author​

I Started in 1975, worked in the areas like projects, electrical installations and services in various multinational and now for VeCCon where we have our own businesses and various SPEs – Special Purpose Entities.
My International Experience: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, England, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and the USA including Alaska.

At VeCCon Real Estate Undertaking and Services we are opperating since 1998 in the southeast – Brazil (I myself started in 2006), concentrating our activities in the metropolitan area of Campinas, promoting and adding value to our partners and customers. Our head office is located in the city of Sumaré – 110km far from the capital – São Paulo. We offer our customers and partners services and civil works execution, and we sell lots for residential and industrial facilities.
• We own and offer our stock of land bank (approx. 2 million sqm) and lots, we map areas and search for the best orientation;
• We study the undertaking feasibility;
• We technically coach our partners and customers on rules, procedures and laws;
• We follow up projects up to certificate, license and approvals in municipal, state and federal spheres.
Civil works
• We provide the infrastructure of residential, industrial and commercial undertakings. The infrastructure delivered items are: earthwork, paving, facilities for drinkable water, drainage, effluent collection, detour and treatment, electrical installations and landscaping. We delivered up to now over than 1 million sqm.

In order to reach excellence in results we rely on three pillars:
1. We count on a team of engineers, attorneys, business administrators and technicians – all of them qualified and directed towards the real estate market.
2. We operate with transparency; our partners have access to our undertaking results via Web, and customers follow up their product via our Web too.
3. We respect the environment through projects and actions.

Since 2016 we started to take part in startups companies in line with new global trends.
If by any chance you need a support, please call me +55 19 99100 8006